Finding work

How do I find work with Treamer?

Start by browsing the open Tasks in the Treamer app. When you find a suitable task, apply for the task and wait for the employer’s response. If needed, see our user guide for more information.

Read the task description carefully before applying. Are you the right person for the job? Remember to check the task schedule and note that you cannot apply for several tasks with conflicting schedules.

How do I get paid?
Important: Make sure your profile contains the required payment details (account number, personal identity code and tax percentage). These are needed in order for you to get paid.

Once the employer has paid for the Task in the Treamer app, the Treamer service will pay your salary to your bank account.
How can I contact the employer?
The easiest way to contact your employer is through the chat feature inside the Treamer app. Pick the right task from the My Tasks list and tap the chat icon.

Personal information

Why do I need to sign up with Facebook?

Facebook login allows us to properly identify our users. This is important because the Treamer service involves financial transactions, such as wage payments. We also use Facebook to get your basic profile information ready for you. If you want, you can modify your Treamer profile by changing your profile picture, for example.

Do I have to use my actual name in my profile?
Yes. Treamer matches employers and employees and manages payments. This is why we require that all users use their official names and actual contact details.
Why do I have to provide my personal identity code and other personal information?
Personal details, such as your personal identity code, are required for making and receiving payments. This information is only used for payment purposes and is always kept 100% confidential.
Who can see my profile details?
The employee’s basic profile details, such as your name, photo, description and phone number, are shown to the employers whose tasks you have applied for. The employer’s details, in turn, are shown to work seekers as part of the task details.
How can I close my Treamer account?
Please contact to request a deletion of your account.

Payments, taxes and additional fees

Will taxes, pension fees and other additional fees be taken care of?
Yes. The Treamer service processes all mandatory employer fees, such as pension, social security and unemployment insurance fees. The Treamer service also processes the employee’s taxes.
When will I get paid?

Treamer will pay the employee’s salary every Wednesday after the customer has confirmed hours from the previous week. The payment is made to the employee’s bank account.

If you feel the payment is delayed for too long, please contact the employer (the task creator) or the Treamer service at

Why did I receive less money than the full task salary?

Taxes and employee fees (see above) have been deducted from the sum payable on your account. The Treamer service processes the taxes and fees automatically for you.

How can I find out what my tax percentage is?
The employee must enter his or her tax percentage in the Treamer app for taxation purposes. You can check your personal tax percentage in your tax card. If you do not have a tax card, you can order one from the tax authorities online or via telephone. For more information, see
What is “service fee”?

The service fee is used for running and developing the Treamer service. The employer pays the service fee as part of the total cost for the task. You can see the exact amount of service fee when creating your task.

If you have an accident at work or on your way to work
  • Let the person in charge know in the workplace immediately and call Treamer on call service: +358 44 981 3494. 
  • Go to the nearest medical center and let them know this was a workplace injury. Let them know our company name: Treamer Finland Oy, name of our insurance company: IF and our insurance policy number: SP0001450306. 
  • We will send you via email all the necessary information we need to make an accident report so please answer as soon as possible. 
  • Hold on to all receipts of e.g travel expenses or medicine receipts and send us a picture of those to
  • Let us know how long your sick leave lasts.

Do you need help?


Please contact us at

In urgent matters call 044 981 3494