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What’s Treamer?

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Choose when you're available and what kind of jobs you're interested in.


Get hired, get paid

Say bye to long applications, interviews and hiring processes. Get hired fast, get the job done and get paid.


Be a star

Try out different gigs, do a great job and get star ratings. Great ratings lead to great future gigs.

There are shifts and gigs open now – grab yours!


Warehousing, logistics and industrial

Stocking, delivery, forklift operator and more.

Hotel, restaurant and leisure

Bar jobs, serving, reception and more.

Real estate, maintenance and cleaning

Cleaning, maintenance, landscaping and more.

Retail and wholesale

Sales assistant, stocking, customer service and more.

Via Treamer I get the right jobs for me, in the right places for me. If you need any extra income, this is just a really easy solution.

I’m currently reading for entrance exams, so I don’t want to commit to 8-16 work. Through Treamer, I can work just when I want to.

I started by doing carrying and moving things. Today I work as a driver. Reviews help you succeed. There is no room for prejudice.

I get to choose my shifts myself.  The salary comes right away, which is an insanely good thing.

Tiia Kohtamäki Isa Hiltunen Isma-lil Mohamed Abdullahi Sofia Saouri
Tiia Kohtamäki, professional athlete & Treamer
Isa Hiltunen, student & Treamer
Isma-lil Mohamed Abdullahi, football player & Treamer
Sofia Saouri, traveller & Treamer

Frequently asked questions

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How do I get a job?

Flick through open shifts and gigs in the Treamer app. When you see a job you like, apply and kick back and wait for the employer to respond.

If you want, we can also send you push notifications that will let you know right away when a new gig opens up. 

Who is my actual employer when I work via Treamer?

Treamer Finland Ltd is your employer, but the work is done for the company who posted the job. The company will also lead, manage and review your work.

Do I have to pay to use Treamer?

No way! Treamer is totally free for employees. 

When will Treamer pay me for my work?

Treamer pays every Wednesday for all hours clocked and approved before 10 am on the previous day (so Tuesday).

Treamer calculates your wages according to the collective agreement for the industry in question. 

Why wait when you can work?