Swappie uses Treamer to ensure fast delivery during peak times

Swappie is a fast growing technology company that has seen great success in a marketplace of used smartphones. Swappie uses Treamer especially during busy days and sales peaks to ensure fast delivery to end customers. 

Swappie’s team lead Lorena Anthony tells us how Swappie uses Treamer

Why did you choose Treamer?

Treamer offers us the workforce we need when we need it. By using Treamer we get a pool of great employees who are flexible to work different shifts and ready to help us during busy days. Besides offering a great amount of flexibility, Treamer also gives us a tool for planning shifts in advance.

What kind of jobs Treamers can successfully do in your company?

We mostly use Treamers in the packing department as that’s the department that has the most changes in workload and it is a station that we are able to train fairly quickly. Whenever we are having higher sales than usual, or going through a sales campaign, we make sure to open some shifts in Treamer. 

Our goal is to ship our products as fast as possible. In order to reach our goal during busy days, we need some extra hands and luckily Treamer has been there for us. 

Is using Treamer time efficient for you? (Including the effort and time spent on the process)

Definitely yes! The Treamer app is very easy to use. Creating shifts can be done in a couple of minutes. Also selecting the right candidates is easy as Treamer makes sure to display all the relevant information you need in making the decision. On top of that, they also have agents ready to help create a Treamer pool of candidates that have previous experience working in similar industries and jobs. 

How's Treamer been able to meet your expectations?

Treamer has exceeded expectations. Besides great customer service from the Treamer part, with agents who are always eager to help and make our job in finding the right Treamers much easier, we also got to work with some amazing people. Treamer has a very diverse pool of workers, with different levels of experience and different backgrounds. 

What has been a surprise while using Treamer?

Before using Treamer, I thought that it would be difficult to find workers who want to commit to more than 1 shift. I was surprised to see that the same workers were able to commit to more than 1-2 shifts. This has helped a lot, as we did not have to train new Treamers too often. 

This year more than half of Swappie’s shifts were filled in less than half an hour. 

Does your company have blue-collar tasks that require flexibility and workers equipped with the right attitude? Learn more about Treamer and leave your contact details here! 


Treamer Jun 28, 2021 1:33:07 PM