New feature on Treamer app: Assisted hiring


We have released a new feature in our app - assisted hiring! With assisted hiring you can hire reliable workers for your shifts faster, without having to spend time going through applicants or approving workers for the shifts. Just add trusted workers to a team and start using assisted hiring. We piloted assisted hiring with one of our customers and the shifts filled up in less than 2 minutes!

Do you have great workers that you would like to hire again? You can now create a team of your trusted workers and offer them shifts directly!

If you have maintained a pool of workers in another system, such as in a whatsapp group or spreadsheet, you can invite them to your team at Treamer. This way you can easily manage your network of trusted workers in one place and hire them directly for shifts.


  • Less work for you: No screening of applicants or separate approval for a shift.
  • Workers faster: In case of cancellation, the search opens automatically again to find a replacement employee.
  • All trusted workers in one place: Assemble a team of reliable workers that you would be happy to hire again.

How does assisted hiring work?

  1. Create your own team and give it a name, for example, "Collectors Helsinki".
  2. Select “Create a new job”.
  3. When opening a shift, you can switch on Assisted hiring to the team and publish the job.
  4. Members of the selected team will receive a notification and the job will be offered directly to them.
  5. When a worker from your team accepts the job, they are automatically hired.

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When using assisted hiring, you can choose the amount of people you want to hire directly. For example, when 2 of your fastest team members have accepted your job offer, direct booking closes. There is no risk that too many workers are hired, because you can define how many workers you need.

Assisted hiring also helps you if an already hired worker has to cancel a shift for example due to illness. Assisted hiring is automatically turned back on after a cancellation, and another member of your team can quickly be hired.

Your shifts are still visible to all applicants if you use assisted hiring and have not limited the job visibility to just your team! This just makes it easier to hire workers you already know and at the same time allows you to hire suitable people from new applicants.

Don’t forget to add all great workers to your teams and really upgrade your hiring experience today!

Treamer Oct 5, 2022 10:12:47 AM