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We make recruitment and staffing easier and faster than ever


Quickly browse user profiles to find the perfect employees with the right experience. Check ratings from previous employers to find out how well they performed on previous jobs.


Publish a job for free, browse through the profiles of applicants and interview your favourites directly using our app. Treamer speeds up the whole process, meaning your new employees could be at work within the hour!


Our technology cuts out the middle man from the hiring process. That means we can provide the cheapest prices on the market, all whilst employing responsibly.

There's a Treamer for every job

We've already successfully matched over 15,000 employees with jobs in a range of different sectors












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Fill shifts instantly with trusted employees

Our simple platform enables you to create teams of your own employees and assign open shifts, making the whole process convenient for everyone.


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Simplify the hiring process

A rational, straightforward HR strategy helps you focus on your core competencies and grow your business, without having to worry about staffing issues.

Leaner payroll management

We've streamlined our process to focus on the essentials. All statutory obligations and salary payments will be invoiced using our simple system.

Maija Itkonen

Gold & Green Foods Oy

Salary and all employer's side expenses were conveniently paid directly in the app.

Hiring made easy

Create shifts

Create a task and publish it in the app. Choose the best candidate and confirm the details directly with them.

Mark the job as complete

Once the job is done, sign it as completed and pay in the app. We handle all statutory payments and paperwork for you.

Review your Treamer

Give your employee a star rating and write a short piece of feedback for future employers.

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