Find staff

How do I find employees?

Shifts are work assignments that you create in the Treamer app. You can create a individual shift or multiple shifts once.

Workers can then apply for these shifts. Shifts are sent to potential workers near you who can then apply for your shifts. You select the applicant that best matches your job.

Job details include a description of the work, the location where the work is performed, the schedule and the payment you offer.

In addition to the payment for the worker, the total price includes mandatory employer’s fees, which Treamer will process automatically for you.

How can I contact selected workers?

The easiest way to contact the selected Treamer is through the chat feature inside the Treamer app.

You can also:
• call or send SMS to the selected worker
• add the worker to a pool and ask workers availability by posting a targeted shifts
• hire the worker directly via QuickHire

Who is the actual employer when I hire people via Treamer?

Treamer Finland Ltd is the employer of people you hire, but the work is done for you.

You will also lead, manage and review your work.

How much does it cost?

For workers, it's completely free. For businesses, it is free to sign up and find workers. 

When you hire someone, you will be invoiced according to actual hours worked by selected worker.

The hourly price of work is determined by the agreed hourly wage and the applicable collective agreement.

The customer will not be charged for other expenses, such as sick leave, occupational health expenses, holidays, or insurance.

Manage staff

What's Teams feature?

You can create teams and add anyone to the team. If worker is not yet in Treamer, they get an personal invitation via email. 

You can target shifts to your selected pool. 

Payrolls & Invoice

Will taxes, pension fees and other additional fees be taken care of?
Yes. The Treamer service processes all mandatory employer fees, such as pension, social security and unemployment insurance fees. The Treamer service also processes the employee’s taxes.
When will workers get paid?

Treamer will pay the employee’s salary after the you have confirmed the actual working hours through the Treamer app.

The payment date is on every Wednesday.

The payment is made to the employee’s bank account.

If you feel the payment is delayed for too long, please contact the employer (the task creator) or the Treamer service at

The task took longer than expected. Can we change the payment sum afterwards?

Yes. You can define the final sum when making the payment in the Treamer app. When making the payment, the app will ask you for the actual working hours spent for the task. This allows you to change the payment sum.

What is “service fee”?

The service fee is used for running and developing the Treamer service. The employer pays the service fee as part of the total cost for the task. You can see the exact amount of service fee when creating your task.

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