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Warehousing, logistics and industrial

Stocking, delivery, forklift, operator and more.
Horeca Staffing

Hotel, restaurant and leisure

Bar jobs, serving, reception and more.
Cleaning staff

Real estate, maintenance and cleaning

Cleaning, maintenance, landscaping and more.
Retail staff

Retail and wholesale

Sales assistant, stocking, customer service and more.

Why Hire with Treamer?

There’s a world of top-notch talent out there.
With Treamer, hiring and staffing is faster than ever.




Leave long and tedious hiring processes where they belong – in the past. Treamer is the fastest digital job-matching app on the planet. Post a job, get matched with the best candidates and hire – all in minutes flat.



Find the right person with the right skills. Flick through vetted user profiles and see ratings from past employers. Choose the best match for you. Done.



Say bye to the middleman and hire straight from the app. Treamer’s super simple interface is designed to make your work less work.


Ready, set, staff, repeat.


Post a shift or gig on the app. The app will match you with the best local candidates in seconds flat.


Flick through profiles of workers you match with to see past experience, skills, employer reviews and more. Choose and hire the best person for the job.

Review and pay

When the job’s done, mark it as complete, rate the employee and pay in the app.

We’ll take care of the taxes, statutory payments, and paperwork.


Do it all again the next time a job needs doing. Create a group of your own go-to workers and give them first dibs on new shifts and gigs. Treamer is staffing made easy.


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Hear why businesses love hiring with Treamer

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The experience has been positive and we will definitely keep using Treamer.

In inventory services, we need a lot of workers.

From Treamer, we can see where people are who want to work and we can catch them and offer a job.

It's an easy-to-use platform. Taxes are paid. We don't have to make any paperwork.

We will use it again. Definitely!

Viking Security
Viking Security
Ragnar Ramson, Project Manager
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There are actually good workers available. 24/7. That surprised me.

Treame is not just an app. They have strong industry expertise.  We get daily support for strategic planning and we can trust that the employees are right for us.

This is good for employees, so good for us. Flexible, efficient and employee-driven app.

Allas Sea Pool
Allas Sea Pool
Tommi Kareisto, Head of Restaurant Operations
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When we opened a new unit and needed 15 part-time workers to start asap, Treamer was a savior.

Treamer delivered needed professionals before traditional staffing agencies even replied to our request.

Lassila & Tikanoja
Lotta Palonen, HR Manager
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If I would now request a worker on 3 different channels, I would get the worker fastest from Treamer.

We have found excellent professionals on a very short notice.

Katri Mononen, Restaurant Manager
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We needed an agile HR solution for managing on-demand worker pools and their shifts and payrolls.

We chose Treamer because they respond to wishes quickly and develop the operating model when needed.

App has worked very well for our needs.

Helsingin kaupunki
The Job’d project
Sami Komppula, Coordinator

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, reach out to us at

How can I start finding workers?

It's simple and free. Just fill this form

We will contact you promptly.

Once you have access to the app, you can post a job to see available workers willing to work for you. 

Jobs are sent to selected workers near you who can then apply for your shifts. You select the applicant that best matches your need.

Job details include a description of the work, the location where the work is performed, the schedule and the salary you offer.

In addition to the payment for the worker, the total price includes all the statutory employer expenses, which we take care of on your behalf.

How do you ensure the quality of workers?

Every worker is pre-screened by our local operations team before they can apply for any shift.

Identity, payment information, work history and certificates are reviewed.

We don't just send someone without understanding your qualification criterias and opinion. You can review the suggested candidates based on the profile, reviews or interview.

Every job is reviewed by customer. Our worker's average rating is 4,79 based on 27 663 reviews. You can see these reviews on the profile.

On the profile, you'll see also profile picture, age, work history, education, interests, certificates and licenses. 

Let us know your needs and expectations.

Who is the actual employer when I hire people via Treamer?

Treamer Finland Ltd is the employer of people you hire, but the work is done for you.

You lead, manage and review the work.

Treamer takes care of the other employment responsiblities.

How much does it cost?

For workers, it's completely free. For businesses, it is free to sign up and find workers. 

When you hire someone, you will be invoiced according to actual hours worked by selected worker.

The hourly price of work is determined by the agreed hourly wage and the applicable collective agreement.

The customer will not be charged for other expenses, such as sick leave, pension contributions, occupational health expenses, or insurances.

Can I manage or hire my existing staff via Treamer?

Yes – if you want.

It's common to manage a certain part of staff fully via Treamer app.

If you have existing on-call workers or planning to hire someone, you simply invite them to join your team in Treamer.

Instead of hassling employment responsibilities by yourself, you can just add shifts to those workers when you need them.

No fixed costs. No paper work. No sick leave costs. No insurance costs. No occupational health costs.

Treamer takes care of those.

Let us know about your needs and dreams. We will figure out together the best solution.

Where is Treamer available?

You can use Treamer everywhere in Finland via our web app, Android app, iOS app but you can also order via email or call.

Treamer is expanding to new areas together with our customers. 

Currently we have active customers in following cities:
- Helsinki
-  Espoo
-  Vantaa
-  Kerava
-  Järvenpää
-  Hyvinkää
-  Porvoo
-  Tampere
-  Turku
-  Oulu
-  Kuopio
-  Kotka
-  Pori
-  Jyväskylä

Is your city missing? Don't hesitate to sign up to ask about the availability in your area.

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