Introducing Treamer Reels



 🎞️ 10x your chances of being hired with Reels

To help you stand out from the crowd you can now record short video Reels which can increase your chances of being hired by 10x! Here you'll be able to convey your personality, skills, experience, language proficiency and more! 


⏱️ It’s super easy and only takes a few minutes!

All you have to do is go to the Mobile App, head to your profile and click on the Reels tile and either upload a pre-recorded video or record it there and then. It's that simple! 

Visuals-worker side reels

⭐ Here's a few tips

  • You must appear in the video
  • Reels are 2 minutes long so keep it short, sharp and to the point
  • Find a quiet setting to record your Reel and speak clearly
  • Find good lighting either in natural daylight or under a good lamp
  • Keep it professional but friendly
  • Try and imagine you are in the hiring seat, what would you like to see and hear


  • Provide personal contact information
  • Advertise or promote other services
  • Use copyrighted music or any other content for which you do not have the rights


 🎥 Here are some examples


 👇 Introduction Reel Examples

Intro Reel example in English


Intro Reel example in Estonian


Intro Reel example in Russian


👇 Language Reel Examples


Language Reel example in English & Estonian



Language Reel example in Russian



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