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About Treamer

Treamer was founded in 2015 to fight unemployment and inequality by digitizing and democratizing access to work life. The service was quickly adopted by businesses in Finland that were looking for new staffing innovations.

Today Treamer provides a fast, easy and transparent way to match local people with manual work, handling all the bits end-to-end.

We believe everybody has a potential to become a valued employee. Our job is to reveal the talents to the world.

About our team culture

We treat each other fairly and politely, respect each other as individuals and involve everyone.

We deliver what we promise not only to our clients but to each other.

We have flexible working hours and holidays as long as everyone makes sure their work gets done in their absence.

Treamer organisation is flat and no one is too important to make coffee.

Our values

Genuine Connections

We have built a platform for bringing people closer to each other. Behind each and every user is a real person with a story. We embrace that and want to make them successful.

Optimistic and Growth Oriented

As Nelson Mandela said - It always seems impossible, until it's done. Achieving 65% of the impossible is better than 100% of the ordinary.

Different and Proud of It

We want to do things differently. We are on a very traditional industry and the key to success is to stand out and rethink how things are done. Diversity is a gift.

Learn From Failure

FAIL is an abbreviation of First Attempt In Learning.

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