Treamer Co-Founders Peter Sazonov and Matias Mäkitalo

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"With the help of Treamer, we can help more people to have a better luck in their lives"

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Treamer's CEO Peter Sazonov sat down with us and told us what drives him as a CEO and what is his dream for Treamer. Read below and find Treamer's pitch and investment page here

1. Why did you become an entrepreneur?

First time I got immersed in the startup life was when Maija Itkonen asked me to join PowerKiss - a high tech startup developing wireless charging solutions for mobile devices. It was ten years ago. We were much ahead of our time and needed to create the supporting infrastructure for the market and educate it. There I suddenly understood that everything around you can be altered, changed and developed further. Most of the things around us are man made, someone's vision the world. You can do the same. Once you realize that - it is a powerful and very addictive feeling. 

2. What are you like as an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is a path, a journey. It is about you developing yourself and your thinking. Different business requires different skills at different stages. Ten years ago I was obsessed with the product and user experience, today I feel that it is about the people around our business and enabling them. Our co-workers, customers, users, investors - business is always about people. But I am not the most sluggish guy and want to see things progressing, happening, evolving constantly. Time is all we have and I rather put it to use. Sometimes I feel that I am just like my sweet but impatient 2 years old daughter.

3. What makes the story of your personal career interesting?

I grew up during the worst depression in Finland. It had a deep effect on the people. It made me understand that certain things lead to certain results, almost indifferent of the people involved. Many of the difficulties cannot be simplistically attributed to selfish evil people knowingly and reprehensibly profiting at the expense of others. But people come from different backgrounds and values that have their roots in their personal history. And some people have better luck than others. With the help of Treamer, we can help more people to have better luck in their lives. 

4. What is your biggest professional accomplishment?

Being part of the team the built the successful exit for PowerKiss in 2013.

5. What was your biggest professional blunder?

Thinking that there is a golden trick that changes everything. A growth hack that just needs to be invented or discovered. There are no miracles or overnight sensations. It is about hard work and dedication, learning constantly. The real growth hack is to be smart enough to kill your darlings and strong enough to find a way to survive. The learning speed is the most important thing one can have.

6. What is your dream for your company?

To become the de facto standard for the staffing industry, a platform that works across the borders. Helping people to find the right career path and business to find the right people to work for them. With the help of technology, we can make it more transparent and fair for everyone.

7. Who is your role model and why?

I have to say that Maija Itkonen has taught me a lot. She does incredible things. Being a mother of four and driving a successful company is something that very few people can do. Combining business intelligence with design thinking and finding a work-life balance.

8. What motivates you?

I am very curious and competitive. Want to learn and understand the world around me and see what we can achieve. Everyday we can make progress, measure it and be better. 

9. Why digital funding and why with Invesdor?

Last year we found a very scalable way to grow the business by focusing in B2B sales. We had already discussed with our current investors to fund the growth but wanted to extend the runway even more. Invesdor gave us a scalable way to syndicate larger investment, while also working as a marketing channel for new clients. Invesdor was the only solid choice for us. 

10. Why would you invest in your company?

  1. Treamer is not looking for a market or creating one - we disrupting a large, traditional and existing market
  2. Treamer is ambitious, internationally growth oriented company
  3. Our business is highly scalable but we also do good and help people. With Treamer, everybody wins. Especially the shareholders.

See Peter's video interview here (in Finnish).

Joakim Ruokoniemi Treamer Customer Success Manager


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