Treamer's team at Artic15

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Treamer was selected into Top 8 Startups – watch 1 min pitch and Q&A with investors

The Treamer team was delighted to be part of one of Europe's most significant growth companies event this year at the Cable Factory in Helsinki.

Treamer was present at the event on stage, exhibitor as well as at Deal Room's discussing about new partnerships.

"We could not use two days more efficiently. Hundreds of memorable discussions and encounters with new customers, partners and investors," says Treamer's Sales Manager Ida Grönman.

Treamer's ShopperScreen video wall captured the attention of visitors to Treamer Point on both days

The Arctic15 event culminated in the selection of the Top 8 Startups in the Nordics and Baltic. Companies were selected in cooperation with FiBAN from 200 companies. Treamer was honored to be among the eight most promising growth companies.

Treamer's CEO and co-founder Peter Sazonov was able to present Treamer on the stage to the investors, entrepreneurs, media and business executives at Artic15.  After the pitch, angel investors, Ali Omar and Reima Linnanvirta, asked questions about Treamer in front of the audience.

Watch a video about how Peter is pitching the Treamer in a minute and answering for the questions.

Joakim Ruokoniemi Treamer Customer Success Manager

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