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9 Reasons to invest in Digital Disruption of Staffing Market

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The huge staffing market is in transition. Digital platforms work at the center of this transition.

A small operator comes with a big order, which should get in motion within a few days. There is no technical problem, but goods should be packed in boxes and there is more work than factors.

So what's up front? Work should be done and a very timely schedule. Obviously, there is not a quick solution to leaving the patches on store bulletin boards.

"In such situations, one wins the one who supplies the author with the fastest and most efficient way. This is not a price game, "concludes Treamer's CEO Peter Sazonov.

Treamer is a digital platform that delivers workers to work. Here are 9 reasons why Treamer is a major investment potential.

1) Treamer's business model has emerged from the demand above.

"Originally our target group was households in need of extra support. We wanted to combine the needs of the work with young people in the early stages of their careers. However, we quickly found that demand is on the business side, "says Sazonov.

About 25 percent of all work is of a nature in nature. It requires attitude but not training. "The markets were not able to respond to the need for a fast-paced workforce, so our product solved their problems. The company assures employee attitudes through our scoring system, "says Peter Sazonov.

2) The number of users of the Treamer platform is increasing.

 Peter Sazonov talks about the rental market. Traditional players start from the fact that the applicant fills out a two-page CV that is based on a very traditional format. "The CV itself is not a very important piece of information for a company in need of work. Nor is it the best starting point for a 16-year-old jobseeker who has the right attitude, but no work experience. "

An easy and fast-moving platform sounds like a good idea. The key issue for the investor is, however, whether the demand is in fact or solely on the corporate foil. The number of users of the Treamer platform has proven to be growing strongly.

Job vacancies, market turmoil and digitality are the Treamer playfield. Disruption and change of employment agency.

3) The number of paying customers is growing.

In the digital world, a lot of services are attracted to attracting investors by setting up a growing number of users. However, users alone are not enough. The earnings model must also be in order.

Peter Sazonov says that in the case of Treamer, the companies are the paying customers. "Technically, the employees are hired by Treamer. We charge the company, we pay the side costs of the salary and we charge our share ".

The Treamer slice is on average about 20 percent, but Sasonov lowers the business model's scalability and price increases in the long run to about 30 percent. Also, the number of customers paying Treamer is growing.

The break-up and breakthrough in the job market market, Treamer is at the heart of this development.

4) Treamer's net sales are on the rise.

The number of customers is an important indicator, but this will be the turnaround for customers. Treamer's net sales are growing strongly. During the year 2018, the average monthly growth has been + 43% and in May gross sales are already € 54,880.18.

Investing in the job market breakdown, Treamer is a company whose turnover is growing. Disruption and change of employment agency.

5) Treamer has a clear strategy.

Professor Michael Porter of Harvard University is best known for the concept of the "Porter Five Power" concept. According to Porter, many companies mix goals and strategy. Basically, the strategy relates to the company's clear positioning vis-à-vis its competitors.

CEO Sazonov says that these things have been considered: "Large personnel service companies have established practices and do not develop digitization very hard. Treamer is a digital player. "

Sazonov refers to the research carried out by the Personnel Service, according to which the average of only 0.17 per cent of net sales was spent on the DIGI investments of large personnel companies.

Small players, according to Sazonov, are involved in digitization. Treamer's role is to provide a job that does not require training. Other smaller players focus on the selected segment, such as building or restaurants.

6) Team track record is good.

One of the key issues that should be placed in a start-up business should be to be able to take the management of a company up to the company. "Exit" means virtually corporate sales or listing on the stock exchange.

Maija Itkonen, who is known for his uncle, belongs to Peter Sazonov and Matias Mäkitalo as the founders of Treamer. Sazonov and Itkonen have worked together for nearly a decade - ever since Maija was tempted by Peter to build a Powerkiss technology company. The growth company quickly became a buyer and the business was sold in 2013. The choice of the same HR service providers themselves, without developing digital solutions, makes Treamer, at least in principle, an attractive buying venue.

7) The massive size of the human resources market

Many innovative small businesses develop a good and new product that does not have a complete market. When the solution is completely new, it is challenging to build a market. Treamer is a company that does not have this problem. Globally, the size of the human resources market is EUR 417 billion.

"It is estimated that the work to be done will account for up to 25 percent of the total," Sazonov stresses.

8) Staffing Market Disruption

The human resources market is not only big but also growing. Growth is about five percent a year.

For Treamer, however, more interesting is how the market is changing. The so-called "gig economy" transforms business and consumer behavior.

Before the internet era business was based on long contracts and clearly predictable business. Digital tools have changed this image.

"Customers order just what they need and companies are looking for tools to meet this need for flexibility. Outsourcing services has become megatrend and business cycles are growing, "says Peter Sazonow.

9) Customers based indicators

Treamer's "customer retention rate" means that the number of returning customers is 91 percent. A high reading indicates that a company's product really solves the customer's problem.

An even more interesting detail is this: The average cost of purchasing a single customer for Treamer is € 1,099. The average value of a single customer for Treamer is € 7,727.

Disruption and change of employment agency. Treamer is at the center of the transition and has a good incentive to invest.

The natural question is whether the customer's acquisition cost will increase. "This is a conservative estimate based on existing data, which is likely to be reduced through scalability," Peter Sazonov estimates.

If you expect a return of more than EUR 7000 for a fair amount of EUR 1,000, then all the bullshit should be put into this investment. "That's exactly what we are doing, now the funding we are applying will be fully used for sales and marketing," Sazonov sums up.

The funding round will close soon

Treamerin 19.6. a closing finance campaign can be found on Invesdor's platform. Initial businesses are always risky items, so growth potential is also good to exist. At Treamer, it's clear that this growth potential exists.

More detailed descriptions of both Treamer-related risks and potentials can be found on Invesdor's platform.

Joakim Ruokoniemi Treamer Customer Success Manager


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